FlexPaths Enroll

FlexPaths Enroll systematizes the flexible working model across an organization by enrolling each employee in a workstyle (whether full-time in the office, or not) relevant to the individual role, then tracking utilization of different workstyles in order to measure ROI.


FlexPaths Enroll Video


  • Automates the workflow around filing and approving formal flexible work arrangements, in real time, to reduce administrative burden while improving efficiency, decision objectivity and legal compliance. ‘
  • Documents both formal and informal flexible work arrangements for more accurate data analysis and sends reminders for manager/employee communication and milestones.
  • Enables audit trails and real-time reporting on how flexible working is being utilized throughout the organization.
  • Available in a quick-start Essentials version for smaller companies and/or pilot programs, and upgradeable to Enterprise for more advanced workflow and/or interfacing to internal HR systems.

What It Does

  • Establishes a clear process for flex requests, reducing apprehension and confusion for employees and managers.
  • Encourages greater consistency, transparency, objectivity and timeliness in decisions.
  • Saves time for managers and HR with an automated online process.
  • Provides real time information on the status of and trends in usage of flexible arrangements.
  • Provides documentation required for compliance with regulatory and legal standards, reducing the legal risk of ad hoc practices.

The FlexPaths Enroll system can be licensed separately or in combination with the FlexPaths Educate System for the most comprehensive flex product available.

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