Flexibility and ROI: Asking the Right Questions

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Flexibility and ROI

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Leaders will ask, "Why we should we manage people any differently than we always have?" The short answer is that the ground has shifted. To have the best talent and free people to produce all that you need them to, organizations must reinvent themselves. They must become genuinely flexible, or they will not be able to compete.

On New Ground

People live and work in a fundamentally different way today than they once did. They invest more of themselves in their work because their work requires it. They need more say over it and expect more satisfaction from it, or they leave. They have 24-7 work lives that overlap with 24-7 personal lives, increasing the chance of conflict and distraction. These people are the new human capital. They expect more, require more, and offer more. Powerful contributors but torn in two directions, they hold the reins to organizational performance because their creativity, knowledge, and relationships determine whether the organization flourishes. Organizational systems that have promoted and rewarded those with a singular focus on work must now recognize that this focus is simply not possible -- even for the best performers. Managers must recognize that employees' time is no longer an unlimited resource at their disposal, reward results instead of time invested, and offer career patterns that allow time out. To meet business needs they must grant employees greater choice about how, when and where they work and then hold them accountable for results.