The link between flexible work options and employees with disabilities

In a recent article, “Employers Urged to Help Disabled Workers,” in Personnel Today, a case is made for flexible work practices playing an important role for disabled employees...and their employers. Michael Collins, Research and Publications Analyst for  Diversity Best Practices writes: 

"A recent survey of 18,000 people found that 58 percent of adults with disabilities would like to work more, but faced restrictions in the type of paid work they did or the salary they received, Personnel Today reports. In addition to those barriers, people with disabilities also struggle with a lack of job opportunities, confidence and transportation options.

Dianah Worman, diversity adviser for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, believes this is an opportunity for employers to get creative with outreach and career development for workers with disabilities. “There can be a perception of difficulty and hassle in employing an impaired person when in actual fact there isn’t the hassle that’s perceived,” says Worman. "By offering flexible work options, disabled workers can still offer valuable labor to the workforce."

Sounds to us like Dianah is one smart (and flexible) cookie.


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