FlexPaths’ web-based solutions and services are designed to address such business needs as reducing space, attracting and managing diverse talent, educating managers and employees, becoming a ‘great place to work', creating a competitive advantage or improving productivity and engagement. Modular, customizable and adaptable, FlexPaths has a cost effective, efficient, proven solution for you to jump start, enhance or advance flexible work.

FlexPaths Educate

Flex Management

A configurable portal for centralizing and communicating consistent, legally-compliant flexible working policies, tools and resources in a simple and engaging way.

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FlexPaths Enroll

Flex Administration and Tracking System

Systematizes the flexible working model across an organization by enrolling each employee in a workstyle (whether full-time in the office, or not) relevant to the individual role, then tracking utilization of different workstyles in order to measure ROI.

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FlexPaths Talent Acquisition and Branding System

FlexPaths Enroll

To attract the best, most diverse talent your organization needs to be seen externally as ‘flex friendly’’. That doesn’t mean that everyone gets flexible work arrangements. It means that you recognize that flex is a business issue and that your organization is looking for talent that has the same perspective. Use the FlexPaths Talent Acquisition and Branding System ™ to promote your brand and recruit and onboard ‘flex ready’ talent.

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FlexPaths’ Advisory Services ™

FlexPaths’ flex experts can support and extend the use of our products with a focus on: Utilization. Culture Change or ROI/Business Analytics.

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