Flexibility: The Secret Sauce For Diversity & Inclusion Leaders in 2009

By Meryl Rosenthal

As corporate leaders head back to their desks in early January, after celebrating holidays (albeit more conservatively in many cases) they will ease back to a hard set of facts; looking in the eyes of their managers and employees and getting them energized and focused on their respective business agenda. Not to be a pessimist but no doubt a lofty goal, given a record high number of distractions resulting from a tough & dipping economy.

The economy, as we all know, hasn't simply resulted in job loss but notable personal financial loss; one that won't be recoverable for years to come. So imagine, the demeanor of those returning to work in January - and where their heads and hearts are focused. And, (not to be totally depressing and cause you to skip the rest of this) compounding this double dose of distraction is what will hit the average employee - at some point in his/her life cycle - having or adopting a child, dealing with a sick relative or one's own health issues, coping with a return to home graduate, supporting a relative who needs emotional and financial means.