How Can Offices Be Ready for the Unexpected?

By Karol Rose * Originally posted on Working Mother

It doesn’t take much to shut down a business. It can be a natural disaster, or one that’s manmade. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of both. Either way, work stops, productivity drops, customers’ needs aren’t met, the company loses business, and ultimately may be forced to close.

This February, unusual back-to-back snowstorms closed the Federal government. The Office of Personnel Management says it cost an estimated $100 million per day in lost productivity.

Even Administrative Assistants Can Work From Home – Some of the Time

By Sandy Burud

Ever hear “Not everyone can work at home”? A new study finds that it’s not as limited as you might think. Check out what this new report has to say: 

Typically the administrative assistant position has had very little flexibility because being present at one’s desk at all times of the day to answer the phone and provide support for managers has been the key requirement of the job. Although the technology is available to perform key job responsibilities of the administrative assistant position effectively from a distance, manager attitudes have been the biggest barrier to telework and other flexible scheduling options for support personnel.

Help Your Employer – Work Flexibly!

By Sandy Burud

You might be surprised how much it can help your company when you are nimble enough to work remotely, from home or on a flexible schedule. Consider this: 

  • When people have options to choose how, when, and where they work, they are healthier. They sleep and exercise more and they get sick less showed a study by Wake Forest University researchers, which translates to savings for your employer. Medical costs are lower for companies with healthier employees; almost 50% lower than when employees have high stress.
  • Sleep not only helps you, it shows up in the quality of your work, says the National Sleep Foundation, whose research shows that people who get enough sleep get more work done, and their work is of better quality.