FlexPaths software helps world-class companies enhance business results by creating and leveraging a flexible workforce. Let us help you jump-start, enhance or advance your flexible work initiative with web-based tools that are proven to create significant, enduring culture change with less admin and more measurable results.

  • Protect your organization

    Organizational sustainability depends on three elements: people, planet and profits. Flexible work practices are essential to each one. People prefer to work flexibly to be productive. For the planet, enabling flexibility in where and when work can be done reduces pollution, office space and the organization's carbon footprint. Profit-wise, companies that embrace flexible work practices have lower costs, retain customers and are more profitable.

  • Diversify your team

    Valuing the uniqueness of each employee is the essence of a diverse and inclusive culture. Granting individual choice about how, when and where work is done is an elemental part. Cutting across career and life stage, age and gender - flexible work opportunities attract, engage, and retain diverse talent and demonstrate that results matter most.

  • Strengthen Your Leaders

    Caught between soaring productivity targets and a workforce stressed by work and life conflict, many managers feel derailed in their efforts to manage effectively. Flexible work practices are an incredibly cost-effective solution for managers. When managers are allowed, even encouraged, to focus on output and results instead of where and when the work is done-productivity, morale and employee well-being improve. And managers thrive.

  • Fuel your workforce

    Research shows a solid link between flexible work and better health outcomes -- reduced stress, more preventive care, and less physical and psychological disease. When employees have more control over when, where and how they work, they lead healthier lives. They exercise more, get more sleep (are more productive and make fewer mistakes) and take better care of themselves and their families. The company benefits with fewer sick days, superior products and better customer service.

  • Grow your company

    Every organization is focused on reducing costs-and flexible work practices are integral to the process. When employees work remotely from home or another location, companies have lower real estate, utilities and transportation spending. With more control over when, where and how they work, employees are healthier, happier and more productive - reducing sick time, medical costs, turnover and costly human error. Engaging a flexible workforce, companies recruit more efficiently and can 'right-size' - ramp up or down - without losing valuable talent.

  • Attract the best talent

    The best people want more say in how, when and where they work. It's that simple. High performers. Mature workers. Young workers. Men. Women. People with disabilities. Knowledge workers. In fact, today everyone is looking for more flexibility at work to navigate their complex lives. Genuine flexible work opportunities and a culture that supports them are the standard by which they will select their next employer.


To help you with one of the stickiest issues that organizations face in creating agile workplaces - the tax and legal issues associated with telework - we have attached an new article written for BNA Insights by FlexPaths Principal, Dr. Sandy Burud, with Margaret Hart Edwards of Littler Mendelson P.C., the world's largest labor and employment law firm.

Making Telework Work for Your Organization: Taxes, Wage & Hour Compliance, and Other Legal Issues

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